JESS offers assistance to you, your employees and your visitors, not only as an interpreter/translator, but also as a tour guide, a relocation assistant, a „chauffeur“, …

This service is bookable:

  • on an hourly basis
  • (e.g. for administrative business: JESS acts as interpreter for you or your colleague at German authorities, translates the required documents and organises the transport.)
  • on a daily basis
  • (e.g. for a day trip: JESS draws up an itinerary according to your preferences, organises and accompanies the day trip as a tour guide and provides for smooth communication between the participants as an interpreter.)
  • on a case basis
  • (e.g. for finding housing: JESS assists in the entire process: fixes viewing appointments, accompanies you or your colleague during these viewings, mediates between the parties with respect to both language and the information exchanged, translates any required documents, and helps settling the relevant banking issues.)